My name is Suzanne Swift Brown but most know me as Suzie Brown Collins. I am a Dallas artist with a degree in Fine Art from The University of Texas in Austin. During the day I am in advertising, every moment of the day I am a mommy, and at night I am an artist enjoying a glass of wine. My studio is always a disaster and I go through countless amounts of paint brushes, sharpees, glue, ink, and of course red wine.

To me, my artwork is an unmasking of an emotional experience. I paint what I am feeling about society or working through in my personal life. Every painting is portrayed in a moment of constant transition, creating a tension between the static image, involved narrative, and movement of material. The emotional nature of the painting becomes more apparent with the development of each layer.

I love experimenting with different types of materials from wood stains, resin, and wine to Elmer's glue and candle wax. I also never stick to one particular way to apply material; I like to use different items around the house to create a slew of effects. My backgrounds of paintings are usually an ADHD process of grabbing random materials and mediums to create a one of a kind background. I never plan out the background, I just move and keep adding until I like the effect created.

I am one of those artists that gets down and dirty with my work. I have an easel but my artwork visits every part of the house - the floor, the kitchen table, the garage, the sun room, the bar and with each room I discover new tools for application as well an array of materials.

I have a love-hate relationship with painting. I develop a strong love and bond with what I paint but I hate getting there. I cannot let go or stop a painting until I am completely in love with the piece. Many tears, hours and countless paintings have been whited out but I've learned that if you don't get frustrated with your passion/work then you don't care enough.

I am constantly pushing the bar to see what kind of emotion my art can evoke for the viewer. People connect differently to paintings and the best part about what I do is hearing how people feel when looking at my work and what they see.