Swift Art Gallery

Local Dallas Artist, Suzie Collins specializes in large, over-sized and commissioned paintings with a focus on abstract, mixed media art.

I paint in an experimental style, not always knowing what to expect or what materials will be used. The final outcome is never particularly thought through because art is about balance, movement and energy which are in-the-moment emotions. My work is honest, you see the layers, you see where I worked through a problem, and you see the brush strokes.

My work can take 5-6 days to 5-6 weeks, it’s a journey and sometimes there are failures before successes. That’s what I love about art, it’s never monotonous - one painting is a simple equation and the other is difficult to work through. The thing I hate about art is that you can never walk away from a painting until you know there is absolutely nothing else you can do to make the painting better (that’s where the extended time comes into play). The process is what it is and that’s the thing that has to be honored.

Born and raised in Dallas, my artistic abilities are very much rooted in how I was raised. My mother- an interior designer, my father in the flooring business, and my Grandmother- the owner of French Brown, I was raised around color, décor, wood materials, and power tools. The cross over to fine art and design was natural and my mixed media style comes from grabbing epoxys, stains or tiles that were readily available.

In 2002 I moved to Austin to attend the University of Texas in Austin and received my B.F.A in Studio Arts where I began to showcase my work in Austin venues. In 2007 I moved back to Dallas to begin a career in advertising and began to showcase my work in local DFW venues. I’ve shown with The Blue Jeans Bar, The Flood Gallery, Salon5014, JBlacks, Paradise Café, Urban Betty Salon, The MAC, Third Space, The Old State, The Creative Research Lab, and had my work showcased on NBC’s show Chase. I have been commissioned to create one-of-a-kind pieces for collectors across the nation. The gratitude you feel when you work is welcomed into someone’s home is indescribable. It warms my heart when my work can be a part of someone's home.

I am a local Dallas Artist, currently living in North East Dallas. If you are interested in commission work or would like to contact me you can reach me at SwiftArtGallery@gmail.com. Thank you for visiting my site.